Your Listing Agent Should Make This a Priority

Do you look online at properties for sale? What would you say is most important when viewing each listing? Do you happen to enjoy reading a long dissertation about a property’s features, or jump straight to the photos and videos? Notice any differences between listings, and how does the listing agent play a roll? These are not trick questions. I am honestly curious what you think.

How I Shop

I am a very visual person. When I am shopping for anything online, I jump straight to the photos and then skim the fine details. If there are too few photos, or they are not of good quality, I tend to pass on the purchase. The same thing can be said when buying real estate.

Since 90% of buyers start their search online before calling a real estate agent, (and most of them are visual as well) wouldn’t you think the way your property appears online would be THE top priority? Hmm….and where are you going with this Cori?

Buyers Are Smart

Attention SELLERS! Give the buyers a little credit would ya? They are savvy, smart and have high expectations (and so should you). With the swipe of a finger, they can make a split second decision if a property is right for them or not.

How? Drum roll……..The photos and videos! Most buyers are visual and they can (and will) form an opinion about a property just by looking at photos and videos alone.

They DO NOT have to be shot by a professional, but they should be visually appealing.

Make It A Priority

When you have guests coming over to your house, do you clean up? What if someone you do not know very well is going to be riding in your car, do you vacuum it and spray deodorizer to hide the stinky feet smell? No? Just me?

Just like the examples above, you want your property to shine, stand out, and be noticed by many buyers. The online marketing of your home starts with the visuals. It should be made the PRIORITY…

What Do You Think?

I would love your feedback by commenting below. If you are a buyer, what is most important to you when viewing properties online?

In a later post I will go over a few tips to get your home visually ready. If you want more information on what it is like to work with me, then read my post “WHY WORK WITH ME”

– Cori Radley

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