You will never find the perfect home…Unless you do this

I promise I am not trying to crush your hopes and dreams, but there is a little-known fact that most real estate agents already understand – and you, the buyer, tend to have to find out on your own.

PSSSST!!!  There is no such thing as the perfect home.  There!  I said it.  The sooner you come to grips with this, the better your home buying experience will be.

Yes I know, it is hard to settle when you are looking to make one of the largest financial purchases you will encounter.  However, even if you were to build a home from scratch, I can guarantee there would be several things you would regret or not like after living in it for a year.

There are many beautiful properties to pick from in our rural area, new(er), old, fixer uppers, city homes, country homes, manufactured homes, barndominiums– you name – we have it.  Just think how lucky we are to have such a variety of options available!



Now, on to the original point.  Grab a pen and paper and write down all the things you WANT (or think you want). After you compiled the list, then use is to compile a list of the 3 categories below.

  • MUST HAVES: What features must the property have in order to fit you needs?  Location?  Number of Bedrooms?, Big yard?  No yard?
  • WOULD BE NICE TO HAVE:   Think about what you would put in a home you built from the ground up.  Split floor plan, 2 car Garage, updated kitchen, gas appliances.
  • DEAL BREAKERS:  Location, No air condition, noisy neighbors, previous structural repairs, old electrical wiring

Refer to this list after you look at properties for sale, either online or in person, and use it to narrow down the possibilities. Make note of any DEAL BREAKERS and if there are any trade-offs you would be making on one property versus another.

You will have to take my word for it.  There is no perfect home. However, I promise, you WILL find one that fits your needs and feels like the perfect place for YOU to call home.

If you are just starting the home buying experience, be sure to read my article “The Home Buying Process” 

-Cori Radley

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