Why Work With Me

I’m committed to providing my clients with the information required to make the best decisions, and I strive to exceed expectations when it comes to my responsiveness, hard work and professionalism. I’m also strongly connected to the communities I serve, since I live, work, play and volunteer here. I make it my business to always know what’s happening in the El Campo market and surrounding communities.



Did you know 90% of buyers begin their search for a property online before they call a REALTOR® or check out local newspapers or real estate magazines? This is why I make it a priority go beyond the basics of traditional print marketing and showcase my listings online using a variety of strategies:

  • Aerial videos and photos — I use images taken by a drone or personally create Google Earth virtual tours with voiceovers to showcase the “big picture” of my farm and ranch land listings. TAKE A BIRD’S EYE VIEW of an example.
  • Step-by-step marketing plans – I prepare a MARKETING PLAN for all of my clients and potential clients so they’re clear on exactly what I’ll do behind the scenes to gain maximum exposure for their listing and reach the most potential buyers.
  • Video tour walkthroughs with voiceovers – These two-minute videos (shot, narrated, and edited by me) are a powerful marketing tool, giving prospective buyers a quick virtual tour of what to expect at the home by highlighting favorite features. TAKE A TOUR
  • Facebook and Instagram – I frequently post photos and videos on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM that highlight specific qualities of a listing to entice buyers to take a second look. I also use paid advertising to go beyond typical reach and put my client’s listings in front of hundreds of thousands of other people in specific markets.
  • Interpretation of Analytics – I review the analytics from Google, Facebook, and Instagram along with traffic reports from the many websites on which my client’s listings are posted and share this information with my clients. The data is then used to evaluate the online performance of a listing to comparables in the market and determine any necessary price adjustments or shifts in marketing strategies.

What’s more, I can help you make key decisions before your home is listed. I may say, “Here’s what we need to fix about your home before it goes on the market.” Or I may advise, “Let’s skip the repairs and cut down the price instead.”

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My decade as a loan officer can be particularly valuable to you as a buyer. I know the lenders in this area and the types of loans they’re likely to consider on various properties. Residential, Commercial and Agriculture financing are treated completely differently, and my personal experience with all these loan products can be used to your benefit. Depending on the property you want and the loan you need, I can guide you through the process and point out potential advantages and disadvantages.

If you’re a first-time home buyer and not quite sure where to start, contact me for a consultation. I’ll go through everything with you — including mortgage options, inspections, appraisals, title insurance, surveys and timeline. I’m passionate about educating my clients on the realities of home buying. While searching for a home can certainly be fun, it rarely goes as quickly or smoothly in the real world as it does on HGTV shows. By helping you be well informed, I can maximize the efficiency and success of your home buying experience.

Would you like to talk? Please CONTACT me.