Why Do I Need A Buyer’s Agent?

When my husband and I bought our first home many years ago, I can honestly say I was clueless. Even though my mother-in law was the REALTOR® serving as our buyer’s agent, I didn’t fully know what that meant. I just knew the house we wanted to see was listed by another REALTOR®, the listing agent.

I now understand my mother-in-law (and our buyer’s agent) was on team Radley. She was looking out for us, protecting us and putting our interests first. There are hundreds of things that can go wrong in a real estate transaction, and a good buyer’s agent can foresee these problems and either address them in advance or take care of them so they never impact you.

A good REALTOR® is your strongest asset when buying a property.


·        Protect your interests. The listing agent (their sign is in the front yard) represents the seller. If you want someone to protect your interests, get a buyer’s agent.

·        Keep your head on straight. The emotional frenzy of buying a home can be so daunting that you don’t think clearly and need someone to bring you back to reality. For instance, having your buyer’s agent explain that a request you’re making is excessive might be what’s needed to get you in the home of your dreams.

·        Tell you what to do next. So your offer was accepted, now what? Don’t worry – your buyer’s agent will make sure you meet your contractual obligations, order the necessary inspections and keep your financing on track.

·        Share insider knowledge. There’s value to you in the extensive knowledge of a REALTOR® who’s involved in these types of transactions many times each year.

In our rural area, not everyone uses a buyer’s agent. This can be a reasonable choice if these two criteria are met:

  1.  You’ve bought and sold property before and feel comfortable with the process.
  2. The listing agent is known to be honest, fair, ethical and trustworthy and to put their clients’ needs before their own.

If neither of the above apply to your situation, however, I suggest start looking for representation from a buyer’s agent.


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