Why Did I Create this Website?

As both a consumer and a Realtor, I find that much of the information out there, does not pertain to our rural marketplace, or even address common aspects of a transaction in terms everyone can understand.  I have read many articles that by the end, I am left scratching my head and wondering why I wasted my time because it only applies to metropolitan areas.  It is frustrating!

My goal is to share what knowledge I gained over a decade working in the lending and finance industry, my experiences as a REALTOR, and also share many sources of reference you can utilize.  I promise to be open and honest with everyday situations you can expect to encounter, or even answer questions you might not think to ask, or worse yet, be too afraid to ask.  Educating my clients and myself is one of my top priorities….

I’ll be the first to admit that I do not have all of the answers.  I thrive on constantly educating myself so I am up to date with changing laws and regulations so I can better serve my clients.  I hope you enjoy the information this site provides, and If you want to be the first to know of my new listings and any new updates to my website, then click the link below to sign up!








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