How To Choose a Great Listing Agent

You made the decision to sell your home or other property. Now what? Do you feel compelled to immediately call that REALTOR® who’s a friend of your cousin and quickly get a “For Sale” sign up? Maybe hire that REALTOR® you have never met but they did cold call you and tell you they have 3 buyers ready to purchase your home and promised to sell it fast? I strongly urge you to slow down and not to be in a rush. You may be selling your biggest financial investment, so it’s imperative to make sure you have the right listing agent on your side.

REALTORS® have varying levels of expertise and different personalities, so take the time to visit with several to determine who would be the best fit for you. Review these tips to help with your search for a listing agent:

  1. START BY TALKING TO RELATIVES, FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS WHO HAVE RECENTLY WORKED WITH A REALTOR. Ask them if their REALTOR® was easily accessible via phone or email. Were calls and texts returned within an acceptable timeframe? Did the REALTOR® communicate clearly? If something went wrong during the transaction, did the REALTOR® handle it well and make every effort to correct?

If the person recommended to you is not a full-time REALTOR®, make sure there’s a reputable BROKER to assist with the process. It’s also important to choose a listing agent who knows the local market.

  1. REVIEW THE ONLINE PRESENCE OF SUGGESTED REALTORS®. Do they have an updated website and an active social media presence? Do you like the way the photos of the listings look? Are video tours used, and if so, are they professionally done?
  2. INTERVIEW PROSPECTIVE LISTING AGENTS. You may want to talk to at least three area REALTORS®. Ask each to present a comprehensive marketing plan that explains what they’ll do to market your home. In addition, request a comparative market analysis and their recommendations on the following seller topics:
  • Preparing Your Home for Sale
  • Repairs to Do Before Selling
  • Home Staging
  • Home Pricing
  • Net Profits from Selling

The recommendations each REALTOR® shares during the interview process will give you a good idea of the varying approaches and help you choose a listing agent who’s “on the same page” with you.


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