Do You Really Want a Hands-Off REALTOR®?

I struggle with this.  I really do.  This will not be a popular post, but it is the truth when it comes to serving as a real estate agent in a smaller rural area.  Let me explain…

You see, in all of the classes to become licensed and continuing education we sit through on an ongoing basis, there is a common theme.  Be hands off.  Let your client make all of the decisions.  Let them handle every part of the transaction so you as a real estate agent are not liable.  In this litigious world we live in, one full of people wanting to place blame on others, I get it.  I do.  But I don’t like it.

Different Expectations In a Rural Area

However, we live in a rural community where we know each other and help our neighbors on a regular basis.  We ask everyone for recommendations because someone knows someone, who knows someone who has worked with someone (or who happens to be a family friend or cousin) It is my opinion when a client hires me to sell their property (or buy a property) they put their trust in me to guide them through the entire process from start to finish.

Did You See the Trust Part?

They know I have worked with many inspectors, painters, electricians, appraisers, surveyors and lenders.  They know I have seen the differences in the service they all provide.  They expect me to give recommendations because they trust my opinion.  This is one reason why they have hired me.

I know the entire process of buying and selling from start to finish.  I know the loan process front to back.  The hands-off approach assumes everyone else does as well.  Why do we do this to our clients?  For most, a real estate transaction will be one of their largest financial decisions and leaving them on their own to figure it out is doing them an injustice. 

I Am Not a Beekeeper

Here me out.  I know nothing about the removal of bees.  Under no circumstances would I try to remove a huge hive of honeybees.  I would hire a professional beekeeper.  Why?  Well, if I do not do it properly I could get stung.  If I do not do it properly, they will come back (and sting me again).  The sting of a bad real estate experience or transaction could be one that would stay with you for decades.

Say What? Your Intent Does Not Matter.

Man, I have heard this in countless classes…  “It doesn’t matter what your intent was, only state the facts, and let your client make all of the decisions.”  (this is how you stay out of trouble).  If I am worried about myself first, then that puts my client second.

  • Well, my INTENT is to put my client’s interests first. 
  • My INTENT is to hand hold them throughout the entire process. 
  • My INTENT is to give them my opinion when they ask. 
  • My INTENT is to foresee any hiccups down the road and squash them before they are an issue. 
  • My INTENT is to make my clients’ life easier by running errands and arranging everything on their behalf.
  • I WILL answer their phone calls and return their texts and emails in a timely manner. 

The job of a real estate agent is to put their client first and far above themselves — and THAT my friends is my INTENT, and it also should be of the real estate agent you choose to hire.  Work hard and treat others with dignity and respect is how I was raised and what I am trying to teach my kids.   If living by this theme gets me in hot water, so be it. 

If you want to know more about what it would be like to work with me, be sure to read the post “Why Work With Me.”

-Cori Radley

Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker, El Campo

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